Cross Stitch Kits - Animal & Wildlife

Cats & kittens, dogs & puppies, horses, deer, wolves, elephants, tigers, lions, Noah's Ark and more! Cross Stitch kits from Dimensions, Janlynn, JCA and other manufacturers. Look for counted, stamped or 'no count' (embellished) xstitch projects from your favorite crossstitch collections and designers such as the Gold Collection, Charles Wysocki, Elsa Williams, Heritage and Nancy Rossi to name a few. No matter if you're looking to stitch your favorite household pets, farm animals or creatures from the wild we have a cross stitch kit for you.

Candamar - Panda

Candamar - Panda ($31.50)
Candamar - Amazon Rain

Candamar - Amazon Rain ($22.99)
Candamar - Golden Sunset

Candamar - Golden Sunset ($19.99)
My 1st Stitch - Turtle

My 1st Stitch - Turtle ($3.99)
My 1st Stitch - Panda

My 1st Stitch - Panda ($3.99)
Dimensions - Chew Toy

Dimensions - Chew Toy ($17.99)
Dimensions - Achoo!

Dimensions - Achoo! ($13.50)
Dimensions - Wintry Wolf

Dimensions - Wintry Wolf ($16.99)
Candamar Mini - Chipmunk

Candamar Mini - Chipmunk ($2.99)
Candamar Mini - Lamb

Candamar Mini - Lamb ($2.99)
Candamar Mini - Reindeer

Candamar Mini - Reindeer ($2.99)
Candamar Mini - Fawn

Candamar Mini - Fawn ($2.99)