Plaid / Bucilla - Four Seasons- NEW

Plaid / Bucilla - Four Seasons- NEW - Cross Stitch World

NEW RELEASE!! - This kit was made available by Plaid / Bucilla during spring, 2011

  • Craft: Counted Cross Stitch
  • Title: Four Seasons
  • By: Plaid Bucilla Corporation
  • Size: 12.5" x 9.5" (31.7 cm x 24.1 cm)

Here's a new and unopened complete COUNTED crosstitch kit entitled "Four Seasons." It is a very colorful and beautiful design that depicts scenes from each of the seasons. In the top left corner is a design showing white lambs eating bright green grass next to a blue pond with flowering pink cherry trees in the background. In the foreground are big fluffy white clouds on a blue sky. The next season, summer, is in the upper right corner. It is depicted by a lovely blue lake and a wharf with a small boat tied to it. In the foreground and background are lovely green pastures with trees in various shades of green. Billowy white clouds are in a blue sky. Fall, the third season, is in the lower left corner. It shows a blue pond with two mallards swimming along and reeds and golden cattails in the foreground. In the background are light green grass and a row of trees displaying their fall colors. In the blue sky there are fluffy white clouds and a few birds that are most likely flying south. And finally, in the lower right corner is winter. The scene shows a red farmhouse sitting on the shore of a partially ice covered lake, and snow covered evergreens on either side of the house. The sky is shades of blue with white nimbus clouds. Above the two scenes at the top and below the two scenes at the bottom, in green, are the titles of each season. There is a green border around the scenes and their titles, which is, in turn, surrounded by brown twigs with pink cherry blossoms on the upper left, ivy in various shades of green around the upper right corner, gold and orange leaves around the autumn scene, and green holly leaves with red holly berries in the lower right corner. What a unique way to capture the seasons, reminding us of each season's beauty. This is a perfect design for anyone who enjoys the splendor of all four seasons and would make a great keepsake (or gift) for any nature lover.

Included in this kit are: 28 count ivory Aida x-stitch fabric, 100% cotton embroidery floss, floss separator palette, needle and complete and easy instructions ~ Everything you need to complete this CrossStitch project!

This xstitch kit is from the Plaid Bucilla Corporation. The finished size is 12.5" x 9.5" (31.7 cm x 24.1 cm).

Kit No. 45572 / UPC: 046109455723

Price: $23.50     Ships in: Quick Ship
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